Here's a little information about pricing and choosing your image for print.
Prices are dependant on prints. There is no charge for the studio time and there is no limit on time either. After the shoot I will edit the images, this can sometimes take a few days depending on shoot length and number of images. All images are then uploaded to the client access section of the website where they can be viewed and you can choose images for print. Print costs are as follows
A2 £75
A3 £50
A4 £30
6x9 £25
We offer discounts if you want more than one print. We can frame and mount for a small fee including multi aperture mounts. We retain copies of all our shoots so reprints can be ordered in the future. A disc of all the edited images is available for purchase at a fee of £100 including print rights and if you spend more that £150 on prints the disc will be provided free of charge. In the event of the disc being purchased we will turn on downloads in your online gallery so that you can download full quality images directly from our site. The disc will usually contain no less than 50 edited images although the number is usually higher.
If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us either by email through our contact page or by phone.